It made me feel powerless.     It made me feel angry but I couldn't express it to others.     I felt terrible     It made me feel really angry.     Upset.     Sad.     Hurt.     Made me feel unworthy and bitter.     don't be a bully.     The thing that gets me annoyed is when it isn't a fair scenario when multiple people are having a shot at one person.     Bullying made me feel insecure, discouraged, scared.     I feel threatened.     It made me feel conscious about myself and lowered my self esteem.



I was bullied because of my skin colour.

I was bullied for being too hyperactive. I was very sad and really wanted them to stop.

When I was bullied, I felt like I wish I had never been born at all.

I didn't even know it was an act of bullying but all I know it was hurting me and shaped me into a vulnerable person and tbh at one point of my life, it also turned me into sort of a bully myself. The only logical reason for it is that I did it as a defence mechanism to protect me from getting hurt. I still feel bad even to this day I'm writing this and probably will always be.

I was bullied during volleyball games and girls were making fun of how I was playing.

When my so called “friends” made false rumours about me in class telling everyone I liked to suck d*ck, in front of me and the whole class including them laughed about it made me feel embarrassed, sad, and attacked.

I was bullied since 6th grade to junior high school; it made me felt insecure and degraded. There was even a point where it made me emotional and did violence due to my anger issues of being bullied. My friends hated me because I was a transferred student and thought I was acting 'cool' in purpose. Also, because the boys were hanging out with me (not amorous) yet they feel annoyed as they can not be that close to them. At these times, I go to school with my head down.

It made me felt angry. Like a volcano mountain erupting its lava.

Back in elementary school, there were these teachers who treated me like I would never fit their expectations. Like all I did was so wrong. I felt underestimated and unappreciated. I knew that it was not okay for teachers to treat their students like that. No matter how hard I tried to prove them wrong, they never “saw” me let along appreciated my efforts. I was a child. I couldn’t tell my parents about this because my family had been through so much. This was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. Even until today, it still hurts me.

My brother had this kid repeatedly call him a name he didn’t like, just to bother him and that made me mad

They told me I only did it for attention but I only went to YOU. Of course I needed the attention. I needed help. I needed you. I just felt so helpless and unlovable for a long time. But after a while, I let time do its thing to heal. And I could say that I’m better with myself and I dont depend myself on other people for that source of happiness. It still gets hard occasionally but I try not to let the bad days win.

I kind of stopped letting them control the way I live and embrace them. But sometimes they still creep up to me out of nowhere to this day. One time, I let my walls down and opened up to someone about it. Because I felt horrible about myself and I just didn’t want to get up, you know. So I told a few people about it. I trusted them enough to let them in and it turned out to be the worst thing I’ve done to myself. They turned their back on me when I became vulnerable to them.

They are, dare I say, your typical bullying stories that happened in schools. Suddenly I let other kids dictate my worth at a young age. Suddenly I let them decided I am not pretty enough. Not smart enough. Not popular enough to hang out with. All those things and words that have stuck by with me until I grew older.

I was bullied in middle school for being asian and chubby/overweight by my own circle of caucasian ‘friends’

When people say rude things to me about who I am & I express my hurt, but they just brush it off. It feels like my emotions aren’t valid.

I felt confused. I questioned myself. Why did I keep on being bullied knowing that I did nothing to deserve to be bullied?

I got into a senior highschool in Surabaya, Indonesia, with mostly chinese people with high economic status. I am just a girl from Banjarmasin with a different skin colour from them. I’ve been called ugly, ‘pribumi’, weird, etc. At first I didn't really care, but as time goes by I started to think that what they said might be true. It really lowered my self esteem and it hurts.

I often had friends that are just as mediocre as me. Most of the children, being in the neighbourhood, they needed friends. Unfortunately, some of the other children that they want to befriend with are superior. Eventually, instead of accepting him as their friend, they made him a clown. I feel bad for my mediocre fellow. Angry. but knowing that I didn't have enough power to stand with him, is the saddest of me

I've been mocked for my appearance during high school and it took such a toll on my self esteem that I became a shy person and would constantly be self concious. It took me a while to unlearn the negativity.

My friend was bullied on how she communicates and acts. People didn't like it and thought that she was being "extra; flirtatious." They talked about her behind her back.

I was called names, teased for having pimples in primary school & picked on by most of my classmates after my first boyfriend dumped me.

Back in high school, my classmates used to poke fun at me for being slightly obese and called me names.

Bullied in school by almost every other girl in my year level and the one above (small school). It was horrible. I didn't want to go to school anymore and I was a kid who loved school so that was a big thing.

I was hit in the playground, called names and left out of groups/no one would partner with me in class. It was isolating and I cried almost every day because of it. In the end my parents moved me schools and it was the best thing they could have done for me. My sport coaches commented on how much happier I was in general after being moved from that toxic and mean environment.

It made me feel really isolated from everyone. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I just wanted to be alone.
I was really angry, sad and confused all at once. I also cried.

Some of my classmates were being ignored or treated differently because the bullies thought that those people did not fit into their beauty standards, or on other occasions, because they did not follow the trend/ like the same stuffs as the dominant groups.

It was horrible and when you choose to stand up for the bullied ones, you are getting bullied as well.

They were threatening me that if I report this action to the teacher or anybody else, they will hurt me more.

At that time, almost like all seniors were bullying me through social media at "twitter". not long after, two of them came to my class and punched me right in the ear. We fought, but I lost because I was outnumbered. I had problems with my left ear ever since.

It happened like 9-10 years ago when i had a problem with my senior at jhs.

I was then beaten up and urinated on while I lay on the floor, crying. It's one of the worst experiences I've had in my life, and it's caused me irreparable psychological damage, the effects of which I feel to this day, more than 15 years later.

However, the worst thing that happened was when I was cornered in a washroom and forced to take off all my clothes. Then my face was shoved down a toilet, while someone flushed all of my other clothes in a different toilet.

But when I was a kid, I was in a school in which the strong kids in my class bullied me on a daily basis. Physical assault and "pranks" were common.

This is a slightly violent story, so be warned, I guess.

I remember feeling humiliated and almost murderous with rage. I've often thought about how furious I was at that time, and it surprises me. At that moment, if I had the strength, I would have been perfectly capable of hurting someone badly, and that scares me.

Thankfully, I believe I've moved on from a lot of that anger now and make sure that I can prevent something like this as much as I can from happening to people around me.

To bully someone to a point where they forget their innate humanity is the worst thing anyone can do.